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Improvements in the eTwinning desktop

2012  |  

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The new version of the eTwinning desktop was launched on 4th April. Considerable improvements have been made to several sections and are specified below.






1. Home page
Notifications now appear in the box on the left. This box is not intended to replace the drop down menu on the bar above but just make it more visible. Now you can consult your latest notifications at a glance and manage them by clicking on the “manage notifications” link at the top of the list. We would like to remind you that, if you wish, you can register for the notifications and receive an e-mail to keep up to date. 
2. Teachers’ rooms


a. Announcements. The creators of these rooms can upload announcements to the main page of the rooms to publish news, summaries, etc. These announcements can be edited at any time and are visible to all the members. Get moving and use this function! You will certainly find it useful.
b. Register for notifications. Any user can register for the different rooms and receive the notifications on each new entry written in these forums. This possibility was hidden in the notifications box. To solve this problem it is now visible from the main rooms page. Register for the notifications of your rooms and don’t miss what’s happening.


c. Create a new room. If you can’t find a room which satisfies your needs, you can still create your own room, but this possibility is not on the main page of the section. If you want to create a teachers’ room you have to click first on “My rooms”.


3. Forum for finding partners.
You can see all your messages and replies that have been posted with just one click. To do this you have to go to the section “Finding partners” and the “List all my messages” box at the top right of the page. Now you don’t have to look for them one by one!


4. Register a project

From now on, when you register a new project, you have to select the school you want to register it with. This way, if you have several schools in your profile, you can easily select which one the project will be developed in, thus avoiding mistakes.


5. Deactivate profile

The platform sends confirmation messages to those users who have selected the option to deactivate their accounts.


6. Invitation to a project
When a user registers a project on the platform, the second founding partner will receive an e-mail informing them so that they can enter their desktop and accept the project. This utility improves communications among partners at the start of the project.
We hope you will find these improvements helpful. They have all been designed to make it easy to use the eTwinning platform. Visit your desktop and check to see how they work. Write a comment.

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