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Take part in Teachers’ Rooms

2011  |  

There are 53 active Teachers’ Rooms, which have been initially created for a limited time of two months. What is their aim? Not only for teachers to share their materials, experiences, difficulties and the corresponding solutions; their aim is also to be used as a space for discussion on a wide range of topics, enable the preparation of seminars and workshops or share the experiences once they have been completed.


The number of members can go from 2 to 951 and several languages can be used, such as English, German, French and Turkish. These rooms have become an active means of communication for the different agents involved in eTwinning projects: teachers, ambassadors, NSS and CSS members…

The most popular rooms

One of the most active Rooms is the Helpdesk: in this public space etwinners pose other colleagues their doubts regarding how the desktop works and they find the answers, which is a good example of collaboration:


There has also been great participation in the Room for Web 2.0 applications and IT-tools for projects, with a restricted use (in order to be able to contribute you need to be invited), which has been continued with a new edition created for this year:


Here teachers suggest, exchange and search for information about useful 2.0 tools they can use in their projects: Issuu, Slideshare, myebook, Flashmeeting, Voicethread and many more.

Access these rooms from your desktop; come on and take part by joining one or creating yours depending on your interests! There are rooms to suit all tastes: promoting eTwinning, Reading is fun, Safety on the net, Drama… but, so far, none of them are in Spanish!

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