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Telling stories with Storybird

2010  |  

sb_badge_storybirdIn eTwinning we know that collaborative work is not always easy. You need imagination and effort to work with others without eventually ending up working parallel ways. That's why we can help you by suggesting ICT tools designed for team work.

Here we can find Storybird, a tool designed to create graphic stories amongst several participants. It allows you to create the story, publish it on the website, create reading lists of your favourite stories, leave comments... But especially organise collaborative work, assigning turns to make sure the story makes progress. Alike a board game, each player will make their move and wait for their partner to make theirs.

In the eTwinning United Kingdom blog they show us the lovely work done by Fiona Joyce using Storybird. In the wiki they have posted stories using this tool in German, French and Spanish.

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