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European body language

2010  |  

The following activity is a comparative gesture dictionary created by a Polish school and an Italian school, as part of the project Sous le ciel de la compréhension. This dictionary is of great value, as it shows  great collaborative work. It also shows how different and also similar we all are, all living under the same sky... We are aware that body language plays an important role in communication and that the gestures we make when speaking are part of the language; students have therefore made this dictionary in order to understand the differences and similarities between cultures. Here they have seen that there are identical gestures in both countries, such as Silence!, others that are the same but differ in meaning, like I am hungry, or others that only exist in one of the countries, like the one used to say I am broke! in Poland or I'm off! in Italy.




You can see the comparative gesture dictionary here.

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